Term of Use

Please read thoroughly. Rental Agreement must be read through, initialled in each indicated area, signed and dated. To book a rental, A1 Tent Rental Ltd. requires a 50% non-refundable deposit, along with a copy of the signed Rental Agreement.

1.    All permits are the responsibility of the customer. Building permits are required by almost all municipalities. Book location at least 2 weeks prior to your event to ensure that we can erect the tent.

2.   Prior to commencement of installation, the customer shall identify the location of underground pipes, wires, sprinkler systems, septic systems, or other utility; and in the event of default, the customer agrees to indemnify and save harmless A1 Tent Rental Ltd. in the event of damage.

3.   Customer agrees to clear site upon which equipment (i.e. tent) is to be installed, of all other structures and other impediments (clothes lines, hydro, cable and phone lines etc.).

4.   A1 Tent Rental Ltd. is not responsible for damage to ground or any paved portion of the site, nor of damage to trees, shrubs, flowers, or adjacent land resulting from the installation of equipment.

5.   If the terrain is not suitable to securely hold the type of stake normally used (one inch by up to four feet) the customer agrees that there shall be additional charges for water barrels, special posts, drilling, or other means and equipment required to secure the tent/equipment.

6.   If the property is rented, A1 Tent Rental Ltd. requires a letter of permission from the landowner acknowledging the consequent damage caused by the stakes.

7.   A1 Tent Rental Ltd. is not liable to the customer for any delays or non-compliance of contract caused by weather, vandalism, explosion, fire, strike, civil insurrection, or commotion beyond the control of A1 Tent Rental Ltd.

8.   Although A1 Tent Rental Ltd. only uses flame resistant materials in our equipment, we do not warrant that the equipment is fire proof or fire resistant. The customer shall take every precaution to prevent fire and will be liable for any damage caused to any equipment of A1 Tent Rental Ltd. THIS INCLUDES KEEPING SPITS, BBQ’S, FIRE PITS, SMOKE AND ASH AWAY FROM TENTS. THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CLEANING/DAMAGE CAUSED BY ANY OF THE AFORESAID.

9.   Under no circumstances does A1 Tent Rental Ltd. guarantee “water tightness” under the tent, and assume NO liability for damage caused by moisture, dampness, or water.

10.   Regarding decorations: ensure that lights will not mark the tarp. Do not use duct tape or any other adhesive material. Do not use staples on posts or tarp. Fishing line works best to tie up decorations, as it can be easily removed without causing any permanent damage. Decorations must be removed before pick-up if not arranged by A1 Tent Rental Ltd.

11.   Tent must be completely cleaned out prior to pick-up, with the exception of anything belonging to A1 Tent Rental Ltd.

13.   Tent /Tarp Replacement fees in event of damage: Negligence costs for tarp (tops of the tent) are specific to the style of tent. For example: 20x20 Marquis Tarps ($3000) are not repairable as they are engineered in one piece. A 20x 80 tent has four 20 ft sections, so if just one 20 ft section (approx $4500 ea) is damaged, the customer would only be expected to replace the damaged section. Please call for your specific replacement cost.

14.   Sides must be left hanging – just fold back if not needed. A cleaning fee will be charged in case of neglect. In the event that the sides are not cleanable, the customer is responsible for the replacement of the damaged sides. Replacement fees are as follows:
20ft white side - $400 plus shipping and taxes
20ft windowed side - $800 plus shipping and taxes
45ft white side - $750 plus shipping and taxes
45ft windowed side $1150 plus shipping and taxes

15. Tables are heat sensitive; do not place candles, mosquito rings, hot pots, or buffet servers, or any other hot object, directly on tables. Protective wood covers are available – please notify how many are required. Table replacement values:
5ft round table - $100 each plus shipping and taxes
6 ft square table - $65 each plus shipping and taxes
Bistro chairs, high back white plastic: $25 ea.

We reserve the right to change this Terms of Rental at any time without notice. The change will always be reflected on website.